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It’s amazing how time seems to fly, especially between blog posts. I’ve known I needed to post a blog for a while; I’ve even thought of a few different topics. Alas, the execution has not been good on my part. One of those things I hope to do a better job of going forward. So originally, this post was supposed to happen in January. It was going to be “Oh, hey, it’s a New Year and blah, blah…”. Ya, we saw what happened to that. That being said, I’m going to include that in this post as well as talk about my recent ITIL training and other goals.

In 2016

In 2016, my career goals were just to work on becoming a better SQL DBA—nothing too out of the ordinary. I focused on the fundamentals, I spent quite a bit of time working with Availability Groups, and even got some time helping to refine our production monitoring. I created some SQL scripts to automate some of the build steps. Through all of it, I continued to learn via the PASS virtual chapters, Ozar daily emails, Safari Books sub, and any other resource I could find. Unfortunately, I have discovered you can be inundated quickly with information overload if you’re not careful.

I’ve also come to realize that there are some topics I am more interested in than others, which I guess is to be expected. I am more interested in learning about performance tuning, SQL development, and automation than other aspects of SQL. Maybe because I have spent lots of time doing the general administration stuff in my career that backups, restores, and routine troubleshooting are less appealing, but still significant.

In 2017

I want to focus more on development. As well as bring my SQL dev skills up above average. I also want to learn more about Powershell and Python. Maybe down the line, I will move more into the development side of SQL.

Another goal I have been working on is getting a better understanding of the business side of things, which includes learning more about management. Do I want to be a manager? I don’t think so, but at the same time, I’m also at a point in my career where I might want the option. Whether or not that is in the cards, is neither here nor there, I just think it would help me be a better SQL DBA/Developer. It is essential to develop leadership qualities and relationships. 

Which is one of the reasons I jumped at the chance to take a three-day ITIL course. The certification was just a bonus. I wanted to have a better understanding of where management was going. This reminds me, I have a couple of books to read that were passed out to managers recently.

Other Goals

Other things I want to work on going forward, are to participate more in the SQL community: Twitter, #tsql2sdays, blog posts, and go to another SQL Saturday. While I was in Tulsa, I managed to become a regular at the local SQL User Group, and I learned a lot from those guys. I’m hoping to make a few meetings here in Denver when I can, so long as the topic is appealing.

I’m also hoping to make it to SQL Pass one of these years; I wish that it wasn’t so expensive. I am also struggling to convince the wife of going on SQL Cruise. Although I think in a year or two, I will attend Ozar’s Senior DBA class.

Going back to certifications, I have even considered pursuing my MCSE. Do I think it’ll help my career? No, not especially. At the same time, I’m starting to come around to the notion, if you’re passionate about what you do and want to elevate standards, as well as show your commitment, then why wouldn’t you submit for testing? I’ve long thought that as IT matures, certifications will become more critical. I know others will disagree.

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