Adjusting to WFH

As a DBA, working from home (WFH) is not a new concept or new experience, I do it a lot. However, this shift to working from home due to the office being closed for Covid-19 is a little different. First off, I'm enjoying getting my commute time and saving money on...

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Restore to a point in time

This week I had to do a point in time restore for an entire instance. The instance had approx 25 databases on it, and all of them had to be replaced to get the information we needed. As this was on a SQL Availability Group, we are backing up the logs every 15 minutes....

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I don't know why I am slow to take up new tools, but I am. I recently, like back in December, began working with DBATools. In case you're not familiar, DBATools is a powershell module assembled by the community over at This module, oh this wonderful...

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Just fix it

Kids, it's 2020. That it means it way past the time to kick the can down the road. Most of us in IT have been around long enough to see us shift from a centralized CPU (mainframes) to decentralized (client/server) architectures back to a centralized approach again...

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New Decade, More Change

“The Only Thing That Is Constant Is Change ”- Heraclitus A long way back, a Greek philosopher said something about change being the only constant. The guy was right, but he would have made a horrible IT project manager. It's a true statement, but at the same time...

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This comes as no great shock, I haven't been as active with blogging as I once was. Or that I was ever really that consistent of a blogger. Most of my traffic that shows up on this site is from Google searches on specific problems, and most people bounce right off my...

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Can’t we just get along?

When it comes to working with other people it is always best to remember that others are not always on the same page. In fact, when dealing with others that work along side you, it is imperative to remember they are most likely to see and evaluate issues and...

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SQLSaturday #913 Minnesota

It's been a couple of years since I have been able to attend a SQL Saturday. I was grateful I was able to make it this year. This year however was a first for me, it was my first SQL Saturday in Minnesota and the first time I went to a precon, both were enjoyable. On...

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AlwaysOn Failover Cluster Instance

Recently, I was working with a gentleman in our IT department and we were discussing adding redundancy to a couple of SQL Servers that were used for web apps. Turns out, VMware's disk consolidation can, and will, take a server offline. That tends to make customers...

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I’ve been busy…

I doubt anyone has noticed, or really frequents this blog for much. Maybe a few people swing through to grab saved links, and that's okay. This blog is mainly for me anyway as a place to take notes and save resources so I can find them fast. So maybe this post is just...

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