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Life got busy again…

It’s been another couple of months since I’ve posted, and I honestly don’t have an excuse other than life got busy again. Since January, my primary focus has been completing the EMT training and getting my EMT license. Work has been busy and the work is changing making me work on skills again. And in my spare time, I’m trying to get back to playing my guitars. Oh, winter is drunk and can’t find it’s way home….


Let me just say, I’m sick of snow. I am 99% sure we broke the record for snowiest winters this year. Well, save when the glaciers were in the neighborhood.


Seriously? We got a taste of Arctic living


My Dually is in there some where….


Pretty sure Aspen is the only one happy about it….


Not a lot to say about work, we’ve been busy moving servers around. I will say, I have had enough of being shorthand, over worked, and doing everything the manual method or executing scripts by hand to get things done.

I have set out to learn DevOps and figure out how to apply it to Databases. Which has sent me down rabbit holes looking to pick up Postgres, Python, Terraform, Ansible, Puppet, Powershell, and relearn C#. I want to learn how to use all of those tools with DevOps practices and do more of my job via CI/CD pipelines, which I still have to figure out.

Picking the guitar back up

I’ve also realized with all of the snow and work, that I haven’t been doing a good job making time for hobbies, so I decided it was time to pick up playing again. Or, relearning how to play again would be more accurate I suppose.

And finally, I am a licensed EMT


Last year, I started a journey to become a volunteer EMT here in Wisconsin and I am happy to say, I’ve completed that. I passed the NREMT psychomotor test in March, and passed the cognitive test in April to earn my cert.

It is hands down, one of the hardest things I have ever done. I won’t lie either, there were a number of times I almost gave up and quit. I want to thank my wife April for her total support, I couldn’t have done it without her. I also want to thank my class mates, fellow newly licensed EMTs, and above all else friends - Courtney and Aj for their support and healthy competition to help me get it done. It was a battle to get here, and couldn’t have done it without you two.

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