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Welcome to SQL-Mac 2.0

I’m really kind of excited about this update of the blog. I recently discovered Jekyll and spent sometime watching videos, reading blogs, and just playing around with the app. In case you’re not aware, Jekyll is a static web generator that allows users to create posts in markdown.

For years, I’ve had this site hosted in Wordpress on a VM. For me, posting was a chore. I would get so frustrated having to login to the dashboard to write a post, make it pretty, and then deal with the SEO.

Now I can create a post in markdown, save it to a repo, and depoly it to GitHub. For now, the blog is being hosted there. My favorite part is, I just write the post and deploy it to GitHub.

I’ve gone DevOps

So everything is done via a pipeline and the site is running in a container. When I have more time, I’m going to figure out how to build the container and host it internally. Once I have that figured out, I’ll move the blog to Google’s Clooud Run.

Honestly, this approach is so simple and easy I’m blown away. I should have gone looking for this solution years ago. And given that I have been putting all of my notes in Obsidian, so this markdown approach is just an extension. All of that to say, I should start posting more because it’s fast and easy.

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.