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Using Obsidian for notes

I have finally found a note taking platform that I can build a solid process around. I started using Obsidian and committing it to a git repo. It took a couple of days to work out the workflow, but it has been great and easy to implement. The best part is, it’s adaptable to me. One of the features I like is the graph view, which allows you to tag topics or link posts which in turn kind of mind maps your thought processes. It’s interesting to watch that grow.

The note taking has helped me keep track of notes and thought processes. I have begun to realize that the regular daily job of a DBA will shift to a DevOps approach, most likely by the end of the decade. I should probably write a post about my realization, but for the moment lets just leave it at I have realized the benefits of a DevOps approach and change my thinking from that of a DBA to more of a Database Engineer.

Only, I have found the the topic overwhelming with no clear path, while at the same time excited to apply these new techniques, only to be quickly frustrated applying the techniques, It is both hard and tedious. To which I have to remind myself that you have to start small and build on previous “blocks”. In other words, it’s legos not instant mastery.

I should blog about these frustrations as a way to help myself work through them, or maybe catch the attention of a sympathetic reader who point in the correct direction. It’s one of the reasons switching to Obsidian has been so great, I see the potential to create the blog posts almost effortlessly.

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