In my quest to read more, I’ve elected to read the titles on Art of Man’s reading list. For the past several months I’ve been working on the biography of Theodore Roosevelt. It took me months, because well it was a long read. Honestly, the book was almost 800 pages not including the bibliography.

The book

Obviously the book is a biography of Roosevelt, as I mentioned, about a historical president. One might think it’s dry reading but it isn’t. I was stunned to learn what this one man did in the course of his lifetime. Before the age of 40 Teddy was a New York state Assemblyman, a rancher, a sheriff, a Civil Service Commissioner, the Under Secretary of the Navy, Colonel in the Rough Riders, New York Police Commissioner, and Governor of New York. After the age of 40 he went on to become the Vice President and President of the United States. Oh ya, and he studied law after graduating from Harvard. In the midst of all this, he some how found time to publish 35 books and countless articles. Oh, and there was his various hunting trips. In addition to all of that he was widowed once, remarried, and had 6 children.

The author does a great job telling you about Theodore, but at 800 pages there was some deeper detail left out. Which, given the subject, is totally understandable. Although it does look like the author wrote 2 other books on the late President that I’ll be sure to read. Truthfully, I can’t imagine how long a book would be to fully recount Teddy’s life, let alone analyze it.


I will say this about Theodore Roosevelt, the man was truly an inspiration. He tackled everything with vigor, or maybe attacked everything with vigor might be a better way of stating it. In either case, Teddy was one hell of a smart man, that managed to live 4 or 5 lives in the course of his one. It wasn’t just his accomplishments or failures that set him apart, it was his conviction. Teddy Roosevelt lived everyday, and made every decision, based on his convictions. That’s something we should all aspire to do.

I certainly look forward to reading more about this great man.


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