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by | Feb 11, 2020

technical debtKids, it’s 2020. That it means it way past the time to kick the can down the road. Most of us in IT have been around long enough to see us shift from a centralized CPU (mainframes) to decentralized (client/server) architectures back to a centralized approach again (cloud). That means we have encountered problems and we have ignored problems, and those ignored problems have a name. It’s called Technical Debt, and the check is coming due.

Technical Debt

We all have it, and it tends to bite us right in the ass. It causes us to make compromises and other less than stellar decisions about how to handle it. What we need to do is start addressing the debt, figure out ways to minimize the impact of the debt. Stop covering it up with more hardware, crazy monitoring schemes, and automated fixes that just treat the symptoms and ignore the problems.

Just start working on it already. You’ve known about this debt for years/decades and it’s not getting worked on. Stop ignoring and start spending some time refactoring. Your customers will thank you, your developers will thank you, and your staff will thank you.

Garland MacNeill

Garland MacNeill


I'm a SQL DBA by day, currently working in the Duluth, MN area. My technical interests include SQL Server and SQL development. As I continue to expand my career, my focus is more on development on the SQL platform.
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