Before we left Colorado, we picked up a new puppy. Her name is Aspen and she is half dutch shepherd and half husky. And yes, in case you were wondering here eyes intrigue me as well. We rescued her from a couple in Reunion because I assume she was a handful. As part husky, she has the escape gene and loves to explore. So she got out a few times on them, plus she is a bit unruly. I suspect the wife was less than interested with the dog. Anyway. It’s been long time since I’ve trained a puppy, so I thought I would update my skill set with a classes. On the way to work one morning I caught an interview with Mike Ritland on the Team Never Quit podcast. Wow, good interview. Mike had talked about his start in training with dogs in the SEALs and his philosophy regarding dog training. So I had to learn more.

The book

The book is full of information about the hows, and whys of dog training. Obviously Mike is a master dog trainer, and his description of how he gets the dogs to do some of the things they do is just awe inspiring. I have to admit, I learned a lot and challenged some of the things I had previously thought. For instance, Mike describes the theory behind clicker training, which I previously dismissed as new wave crap. Now that I understand what the click is for, it makes more sense. The book really fired me up to work with my dogs and make our team better.

If you’re a dog person looking for better training techniques, it’s definitely worth reading.

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