This comes as no great shock, I haven’t been as active with blogging as I once was. Or that I was ever really that consistent of a blogger. Most of my traffic that shows up on this site is from Google searches on specific problems, and most people bounce right off my site. I’m ok with that. I tend to use this blog more as an online repository for the things I learn anyway. Which brings me back to…. I haven’t been blogging much lately.

You could read into that, that I haven’t been learning anything, or even that I haven’t been learning anything worth blogging about. There is probably an element of truth to that, but for the most part, my lack of blogging has been more about not taking the time to do it. I could list off excuses, but then I wouldn’t be owning the problem.

The rededication part

write it downSo what am I rededicating? Me. I’m re-dedicating myself to blogging. I intend to work on a few projects, languages, and other things that others might find interesting. At the very least, I’ll work on my writing.

Some of the things I hope to, nay…I will blog about in the future are IaC, source control, DevOps, Python, PowerShell, containers, Kubernetes, c#, terraform, puppet, PowerShell DSC, and always SQL. This is my learning list for the year. I hope to make at minimum one post per week, but I am going to shoot for two.

Then as time allows, and I get more comfortable again with the blog, I hope to update the template, code snippets and add other things. In addition, I also hope to go back through earlier posts to make them better. As I also work on this blog, I also hope to be more active on twitter and slack in regards to SQL.

Lofty goals I know, and without accountability too easy to miss after the first two weeks of the year. So each month I am going to post a reflection on what I have learned this month as well as how I did blogging.