eating crow2016 is the year of the Crow.

Or maybe I should just focus on not painting myself into a corner. Either way, I need to stop being adamant about technology I won’t use or just being close minded about technology in general. I stand here publicly on my little patch of the internet, and admit…I am now an Apple user, I have made the switch to Apple.

Why switch? Well, to be honest Windows 10 really kind of pissed me off. Visually, it’s a nice OS but I dislike not being able to control updates. You can’t download them individually. The only way to update the system is connect via windows update….which fails a lot. This was more of a problem at work than at home. At home I noticed my pc was actually slower with the fall update. My graphics card doesn’t work as well as it should/has been. I’m sure that’s a driver issue. Then there’s the constant updating of privacy settings I have to do after update. No Microsoft, you don’t need all that information. Oh, and Edge….Edge just sucks. There is also the constant troubleshooting of drivers, windows issues, etc.

Then there was my Android phone. Don’t get me wrong, I love the concept of Android but I’m starting to have concerns. Google has split the business units up under Alphabet which causes concern for me. Even on the nexus phone, updates were slow, new OTA updates for new OSes was always slow. It also seemed like apps would drain the battery or use up data. It can also be the cause on the iPhone, but it seems like Apple does a better job QA’ing apps in the app store. Plus syncing pictures and podcasts to the iPhone is just easy with iTunes and updates seemed to be delivered faster. There’s the added benefit of not having the phone manufacture dick around with issuing the updates….that is if they feel like doing so.apple_switch

Lets face it, MacBooks are bad ass machines.

One of the reasons I switched is I wanted to go back to a laptop as my primary device. They are lightning fast and the screen is crazy. Believe it or not, using Fusion to run Windows as a vm, is faster than running Windows natively on low price laptops.  As a friend said, Apple just works and I now have to agree. This doesn’t mean I’m giving up my desktop. I still need it for gaming and running VM’s. It just means productivity is easier and more readily available on the Mac when I move around.

I’m still working through finding apps and figuring out how to connect SQL. So if anyone has suggestions I would love to hear them. Over all, I’m very happy. Should have done this a while back after I tried switching to Linux full time.

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