I mentioned last week that I was slacking off a bit, and now I just have to admit that I am just struggling to focus in general. By focus, I mean it’s been really difficult to focus on training and being creative. Work has slowed down a touch, it’s been hot in Denver, and I have a pending camping trip coming up. I can’t imagine why I am having a hard time focusing on working when I want to be outside.

Although, I haven’t totally slacked off. I’ve traded reading technical documents/books to catchup on my SQL podcasts. So there is that. I caught a podcast with Carlos Chacon and Phillip Morgan on SQL Data Partners talking about how to position yourself in your career. Which, given that I’m going on vacation, has given me something to think about. Which, has been fortuitous in the sense that I have been questioning in which direction to move from a career standpoint. Nothing drastic, or at least I don’t think is drastic.

I’m hoping to give my little quandary some thought while I step away from the computer and take a break. Then maybe I’ll have some insight and come up with an answer. In the mean time, I’m going to go enjoy some down time camping, kayaking, fishing, and with lots of mountains.



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