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By now we all know that with SQL2016, SSMS was broken out and granted a life of its own. Meaning, that now it’ll get updated on a semi regular basis. Unlike the days of old where the only time SSMS might get updated is when a new version of SQL was released. With SSMS being written against Visual Studio, it never really made any sense that updates were never made.¬†With SQL2016, that’s all changed, now SSMS will get treated like a real app and receive updates, as I mentioned.

Here recently, I noticed SSMS did receive an update. I was kind of excited…..woohoo, first update. Then I became sorely disappointed. Microsoft didn’t release a small patch like they would for Windows or Office, they sent the entire updated install binary. Seriously? Another 800+ MB file to download? Come on, I know bandwidth is cheap these days…..but damn.

Isn’t there a better way?

Don’t get me wrong, I am happy that SSMS is being updated on a regular basis now. I think it’s awesome but is it really necessary to resend the entire setup executable? And in fairness, this was the first update I have seen and perhaps they are going to refine the process in the future. I just find it weird, or off putting, that they (the SSMS devs) would allow this the first time.Perhaps in the future they (the Microsoft devs) will modify this approach. It would sure be a waste to have re-download a large install file each time just to receive an update. Versioning different updates will become a resource intensive proportion in the future.

Also remember, while SSMS is mostly backwards compatible, I’ve ran into issues with SSMS 2016 updating maintenance plans on 2012 and earlier SQL versions. So remember to have earlier versions of SSMS available either on your local machine or the server.


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