I have to admit, I have been slacking off a bit regarding get a post up on this blog. It’s summer time, and well….I’ll admit, my interests have been in other places. It’s really hard to focus when its hot outside. It’s also hard to focus when you’d rather be outside. Which, is where I have been quite a lot lately. When I have been inside, I have been reading and trying to study writing SQL code. As well as working on trying to understand how to set up a code repository and use it.

My last several on call rotations have been chaotic as well. I could talk about those, but I wouldn’t have much to contribute other than the to seemingly gripe about the process. Which I’m sure I have already done enough off. Of course that happens when you are participating in a data center move. All kinds of things can go wrong. Then you begin to question management decisions and it just makes a person generally unhappy.

I did take sometime to update the main picture on the website, so it was a bit more SQL’esque. Anyway, I’m hoping to come up with some new content shortly. The next TSQL Tuesday is coming up shortly and I’m planning on participating again. Unless, like the last topic, I don’t have enough experience to discuss it. Or enough time to put in it to research the topic to make an educated post. Of course I’m also still working on improving a system for continued learning, but then, aren’t we all?


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