Office Conditions

I have worked in an office environment for a long time. Going on twenty years in fact. I have worked in a number of different types of environments, but cubicles have been the standard. In fact, in my career I have only had a walled office a couple of times - shared...

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K. Fisher’s Homework – Create db

In December the topic of the month for #Tsql2sday was to talk about our learning goals for 2018. One of the goals I put forth was to get better at SQL development. As part of that goal, I also realized I have to get more familiar with Visual Studios. So to help with...

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Postgresql follow up

A couple of weeks ago I was given the task of helping a developer figure out why his Postgresql cluster wouldn't fail over. The specific problem was to test failover prior to launching the Postgresql cluster in to Production. Sounds easy enough,, right? Setting things...

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Update: Six Months later

Six months ago, I accepted a new position in Duluth, MN and moved to house we already owned in Wisconsin not too far from Duluth. And by not too far, my commute is about an hour, depending on the weather. It's about the same drive time I had in Denver, except there's...

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Wait Stats Library

Every so often you come across one of those tools that just changes everything. When it comes to troubleshooting tools, this is one of those defing tools. Paul Randal has assembled the greatest library of SQL wait statistics known to man - well to me anyway. If you...

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DateTime2 not like DateTime

I came across an article on SQL Server Central written by Claudio Silva (b/t) discussing that you can't do arithmetic operations on DateTime21 like you can with DateTime. For example: Old Way OrderDate < GETDATE() -1 You need to do something like this: OrderDate...

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T-SQL Tuesday #101: Tools I forgot

The 101st addition to the SQL monthly blog party is being hosted by Jens Vestergaard (b/t). For the topic this month, Jens has asked which tools are essential to our daily job. Or rather, which tools do I depend on as a DBA. Interesting Topic I would love to say I...

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