A Month of SSMS

One of the things that has always frustrated me with Microsoft's tools like SSMS and Visual Studio, is the sheer depth of the tool. Figuring out how to create an SSRS or SSIS package in Visual Studio the first few times can result in half a day wasted. SSMS can be...

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Error 18456 State x

I use this link all the time to troubleshoot login errors in the SQL error log. Aaron Bertrand recently moved his blog, so I wanted to make sure I had an updated link for my reference. https://sqlblog.org/2011/01/14/troubleshooting-error-18456

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Oh look, another New Year…

Yes, it's January already and that means it's a New Year. Which means, it's that time of year for reviews of the last year, resolutions for the new year, and hope springs eternal. Only, this year I haven't had time to look up to do a year in review, and I'm not...

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TSQL Tuesday #97: Learning in 2018

This month's blog topic for TSQL Tuesday is learning goals in 2018 and is being hosted by Mala Mahadevan (b/t). Mala has challenged the SQL community to list out specific learning plans for the upcoming year. It's an awesome topic for this time of year, especially as...

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New Job Update

I'm a bad DBA, at least from the standpoint of blogging. Only because I haven't done much of a lately. I did make sure to get a post in for TSQL2sDay to mention who I was thankful for. That was a great topic. So…if you're wondering why I haven't blogged, or have...

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TSQL Tuesday #96: Folks I’d like to thank

I think I’m actually going to make this TSQL Tuesday, it’s the first for me in a while. I kind of have a valid excuse, I left my job at the hospital in Denver and took a job in Duluth, MN. So currently I’m in the middle of a cross country move, and if you’re ever done...

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SQLSaturday Denver #673

I feel accomplished a bit this year, I've made it to two SQLSaturdays in the same calendar year. This SQLSaturday was put on by the Denver SQL Users group and was hosted at the University of Denver. There were a number of sessions I wanted to attend, and they all...

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