T-SQL Tuesday #93 – Interview Fails

T-SQL Tuesday is a monthly blog party that is the brain child of Adam Machanic (b/t). This month the blog party is being hosted by Kendra Little (b/t). This month’s topic is about interviews and patterns used in interviews. As Data Professionals, we spend a lot of...

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Microsoft’s Linux Embrace

Having been in the IT industry for a while, I've learned a few things. One of those so called things is, Microsoft and Linux are different worlds. I mean, every other computer operating system is POSIX based but Windows. In fact, back in the Ballmer days (circa 2001),...

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Check for corruption

If you work, or have worked, in a shop with lots of SQL servers then you either have, or will, experience an issue with storage. Like for instance you're storage controllers go down, knocking down your SQL instances. As we all know, this is a good way to corrupt...

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Feeling refreshed

I mentioned in my last post that I was feeling a bit burnt out. Applying a lot of pressure to myself, feeling like I had to learn everything right now. I took 6 days off over the 4th of July weekend to go camping and a class on Fly Fishing. It put some things into...

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Slacking off a bit

I have to admit, I have been slacking off a bit regarding get a post up on this blog. It's summer time, and well....I'll admit, my interests have been in other places. It's really hard to focus when its hot outside. It's also hard to focus when you'd rather be...

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Change Control

This post maybe a little "ranty". It seems in the past few months, I seem to have encountered a number of instances where changes to the database were made without a Change Request. Which has sparked a few conversations with developers over why there is a need for...

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Learning System

So after posting yesterday about struggling to keep up with SQL information, I got to thinking about how I could actually solve the problem instead of just complaining about it. I didn't come up with grand, earth shattering Kabooms. What I did come up with is a system...

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