I doubt anyone has noticed, or really frequents this blog for much. Maybe a few people swing through to grab saved links, and that’s okay. This blog is mainly for me anyway as a place to take notes and save resources so I can find them fast. So maybe this post is just for me as well, in the sense that I am letting myself off the hook for not blogging much lately.

Dec 2017

In December 2017, my wife and I relocated to the northern woods of Wisconsin from Denver. She’s originally from here, and we already had a house here. I took a database job in the Duluth area that made sense for us, and while it’s been a bit of an adjustment it has been better than living in the city.

There have been challenges though. Shortly after moving her, my wife’s paternal grandfather was hospitalized, and diagnosed with late stage dementia. To be honest, dementia and Alzheimer’s were used interchangeably, I’m not sure what the difference really is. The state decided he was longer fit to live on his own or take care of his estate, thus they made my wife his guardian. This is obviously not something we had planned on or anticipated.


Being someone’s guardian is a lot of work. You are responsible for all the medical, financial, and to some extent personal issues. Thankfully, her grandfather was not without means (because that’s a different headaches) and he was able to reside in home that specialized in dealing with dementia patients.

We spent the spring and summer of 2018 inventorying and accounting for all of his assets. At which time, we also discovered he was a bit of junk hoarder. And that’s pretty much the year went, we spent our free time cleaning up his properties.

My Dad

Although, going into the fall of 2018 we got unexpected news that my Dad’s lymphoma had return. My parents had followed us up to the north woods in the summer to get away from Denver. Now my Dad’s cancer was back. Thankfully the staff at St Lukes in Duluth jumped on it and got it under control pdq. However, with his second round of chemo finishing in the spring, my wife and I were split on things that needed doing. Then winter hit, which pretty much halted everything.

Into Spring and Beyond

Spring brought as a mixed bag. My wife’s grandfather passed in April and we went from working on guardianship, to dealing with the estate. There’s a lot involved in both. It has basically been a full time job for the both of us for the last year, ya know in addition to our regular jobs.

Truthfully, there are projects that need to be done and completed but I think I’ll have time to update the blog more frequently. I am really interested in learning more about DevOps, python, SQL Development, and knocking off the C# rust. At the same time though, I’m also interested in doing outdoorsy stuff that I haven’t been able to do either. So there’s going to be some give and take as well. So don’t be surprised if there isn’t some personal, non techy posts that start showing up.


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