I’m not sure what I was expecting from this book. Maybe I wanted I wanted some deeper insight into the NRA spokesperson, or maybe I was  just intellectual curiosity that got me to read this book., either way, I read it.

Was it good? Meh. It was ok I guess. While it was nice to read a book, that for the most part, that was written by an author with similar political viewpoints, it wasn’t all that political. The book was more of autobiography of woman from Missouri, raised by a single mom and christian family.

I think what turned me off was Dana’s implication that every town between the coasts was similar to the one she grew up in. If you were someone who has never been to the middle part of the country, you might get the impression that all the people in “Flyover” were the same. Which they are not. Other than that, her views politically were interesting.

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