I mentioned in my last post that I was feeling a bit burnt out. Applying a lot of pressure to myself, feeling like I had to learn everything right now. I took 6 days off over the 4th of July weekend to go camping and a class on Fly Fishing. It put some things into perspective for me.


Camping in the Rockies always makes things better. Granted, I wasn’t far from people and I still had a good cell service (including internet access). I made a conscious choice not to check work email, which then shortly expanded into not checking any email. Of course I was still checking Facebook on occasion and occasionally Twitter but for the most part I was relatively unplugged. I ultimately relaxed and had fun.

Fly Fishing

Did something new

The day after we got back, my wife and I took a class on Fly Fishing. Something that I have wanted to try for a long time but have never found the time for. I really enjoyed it learning.The instructor made the evening fun, answered all of our silly questions, and made what seemed like a complicated activity relatively simple in concept. My biggest away? Was understanding it’s about technique verses power. There’s a rhythm to fly fishing, there’s a style to it. To borrow from A River Runs Through It , it’s a 4 part rhythm at it’s base and until you find your own rhythm built of the 4 part rhythm. Just like in music.

What does this have to do with being a DBA?

Sometimes as Data Professionals we forget to unplug and relax. We’re always focused on the uptime, or security, or performance of our servers/programs/stored procedures that we forget to see the forest for the trees. Oh sure, we’re aware of the bigger picture but are we present in the big picture? Do we just see he rest of the environment from the perspective of the databases? Or can you see the big picture from a different perspective such as from the business or application side?

My point here is, had I not relaxed and cleared my mind, that is to say I needed to relax and be open to a new perspective, my fly fishing lesson would have been a waste of money. Why? Because I would just seen it from the eyes of someone who had spent their life spin cast fishing and would have missed the nuances. Just the same as when I got back to work this week feeling relaxed and refresh, being open to new information. For me personally this equated to taking a step back to see that my focus doesn’t have to be in 10 different areas at once. So while I can be at work doing my regular job, I can put my focus on learning new things a little bit a time to really understand the nuances of what I’m learning.

I’m also really stoked that I figured out how to use picture of a guy fly fishing in a post about technology….how cool is that? 


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