Part of my morning routine is to make coffee, check email, scan the news, and see what’s on Facebook.

During the day I occasionally take a break and skim Facebook again on my phone. Then I get home and eventually check Facebook again. Why? I don’t know. It used to be because it was a way to reconnect with old friends and such. Initially, it was an interesting distraction. Now it’s just a damn habitat, and not a very good one.

So…in the last week, Hillary has been acquitted of wrong doing in regards to her email….Officers are killed in Dallas at a Black Lives Matter rally....Everyone hates Donald Trump. That’s just the national news, locally the state of Colorado is burning with one fire that may not be contained until October. Plus there is a bunch of other news that the pretty news people talk about. What does any of this crap have to do with checking Facebook? Nothing, and at the same time, everything.

Facebook has de-evolved into a shit storm of meaningless memes, collection of soundbytes, and endless opinions.

Which all ends up with arguments, half ass truths, broken friendships, and just large amounts of butt hurt in general. Take the topics I mentioned earlier. There are all kinds of memes and soundbytes being posted about these topics. Half of which are partial truths that conveniently don’t mention context.

Why does any of this matter? I guess it doesn’t, at least not to anyone but me. This morning I realized that 1) I was contributing to this shit storm, 2) I was getting pissed off at people I call my friends because I disagreed with a post, and 3) most importantly, the negativity out weighs the positive. In short, Facebook is a shit storm.

Given this realization and just tired of the stupidity, I’ve decided to take a Facebook hiatus. Again, I’m the only one that is going to care…but, it just feels like the right thing to do. And yes, I do get the irony of posting on the internet bitching about Facebook.

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