SQLMac-GarlandWho am I?

My name is Garland and I’m originally from Colorado, yep…I was a native. Although, I did spend a decade in Tulsa, Oklahoma working and going to school. My heart has always been in the Rockies. However at the tail end of 2017, I was offered a position in Duluth, MN that I could not say to. So my wife and I packed up our things, and moved to northern Wisconsin to enjoy our house in the woods that sits on a few acres.

What do I do? Well, seeing as you found my blog, you have probably figured out I’m in IT. Specifically I’m a SQL Database Administrator but I haven’t always been a SQL DBA. Since 1999, I’ve done a number of things. Dial up support at GTE, System Administrator, Linux Admin, IT Director, and for 7 years I was a DBA/System Analyst for AS400s. Then in 2014 I transitioned into being a full time SQL DBA. Now in the Northland, I’m still a SQL DBA, however my emphasis is more on being a Development DBA vs a Production DBA.

Database Administration

Did I always want to be a DBA? Lol no. In fact, years ago when I was a System Administrator for an Oracle consulting firm in Boulder I swore I had zero interest in databases. I even remember saying how I wanted nothing to do with programming either. Ya….both of which have worked out well.

Why SQL Server? I don’t know, I guess because it’s easier to transition into than being an Oracle DBA. Don’t confuse that to mean I’m not interested in learning. In fact, I am very interested in learning Oracle. I just haven’t been presented with opportunity.

And then there’s development

Then there is my interest in development and moving more from a admin role to a development role. That’s my ultimate goal, to take what I have learned in as a System Admin, DBA, and Analyst to focus on database development. Maybe a devops type position? I don’t know, I’m still trying to figure that out. That’s the beauty of working in IT, it’s always changing and always offers choices.

And when I’m not working, I do other things like camp, fish, hunt, and ride motorcycles. Check it out at nyteshades.com


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