One of the hardest things to do when looking to start out in the SQL world is to find quality sources to learn from, or just not get overwhelmed with information. To help alleviate that, I have assembled a list of resources that I use to continue learning and research problems I might encounter.

What follows is a list of places to go. I also will periodically update this list as I find new sources, or old sources drop off.

Web sites

SQL Server Central  – Has Stairways, articles, and other various resources to learn Microsoft SQL

PASS – Microsoft Professional Association of SQL Server professionals – free to join and do monthly training webinars that are free.

SQL Saturday – Local SQL events that provide free SQL training one Saturday a year. – It’s also a good networking event.

Twitter – Microsoft SQL pros are very active on twitter. Check out the #SQLHelp to get a feel for problems. It’s also a good way to meet other SQL folks.

SQL slack channel – How to join the SQL slack channel – Oh and another good way to meet SQL folks.

TSQL Tuesdays is a monthly Blog party based on topics of interest to SQL professionals. –


There are a number of bloggers to follow. Most of the resources are free, but there are a few that have paid materials


To help build your IT credentials it’s helpful to start a professional blog to document what you learn, showcase your work, and help others with similar situations. You don’t have to pay someone to do or invest a lot of money into it. You can start off with free blog website services to get your feet wet.


Podcasts are a good place to learn about the SQL profession. Although sometimes it can be overwhelming and tough to follow, it still helps to listen. Sometimes the topics will trigger “aha” moments that lead to a small epiphany.

Learning about proper development isn’t such a bad idea either. You can pick up a lot of information about SQL and what is needed by the devs from the SQL perspective.

Soft skills are important as well. I recommend checking out the following podcasts to help in that arena.

Other areas to explore

Other areas to explore would be to pick up Powershell and Python.