Yes, it’s January already and that means it’s a New Year. Which means, it’s that time of year for reviews of the last year, resolutions for the new year, and hope springs eternal. Only, this year I haven’t had time to look up to do a year in review, and I’m not interested in doing resolutions either. Honestly, I no longer understand the point resolutions. Think about it. The idea is you are going to make a vague promise to take action on something you feel guilty about, then halfway to Easter you forget about it or blow it off completely until you do the year in review next year. Then you promise once again to uphold last years promise. Meh, I got better things to do this year…

What’s been happening?

I’ve been pretty open about the new job I accepted in October and about moving from Denver to the Duluth area. Of course, being away rom my wife for 2 months suck, it seems to be worth it. We’ve been settling into house in the woods in northern Wisconsin. Although, it hasn’t been without some ups and downs. The movers were suppose to be here Dec 21, but didn’t actually get here until Dec 27th. The Northand hit subzero temperatures Dec 26th and stayed there for over a week. The move got so jacked up, that most of our boxes were placed in a conex we bought. We finally got a chance to start working on those boxes this past weekend.

After Christmas, my parents flew up for the week in between New Years. I had to work while they were here, but April got to show them around a bit. They really seem to like the area. So I’m sure we’ll be seeing more of them in the future.

At work, I have been focused a lot on standing up SQ Server in containers to facilitate a dev environment. That hasn’t been without some challenges and a serious learning curve. Thank God for Andrew Pruski (b/t) blog series on containers to get me started. I’ve been following that up by watching the Pluralsight classes on containers. Lots of good information to be had.

What’s planned?

What’s being planned for the future? Well, first things first, we’d like to get unpacked and settled. You have no idea how frustrating it can be to need something, know what box it is in (my wife alphanumeric’ed the boxes according to room, and listed contents in Excel – yes, we’re data geeks….) but not have any idea where the box is at in the conex. So very frustrating.

Work wise, I am hope to settle into my new DBA role post Holiday madness. I’ve already laid out my learning goals in a previous post.┬áBu a quick recap is to learn more about containers, tuning, devops, and sharpen my development skills. On a personal level, I am focused on improving my health above all else.

Other Stuff

Other things I will work on as I have time are:

  • Updated theme for this site
  • Paying less attention to the news cycles
  • Remember that folks see the world differently.
  • Enjoy my new found simplicity

I’m looking forward to the new year, the new challenges, and seeing how life continues to unfold professionally and personally.