I’m a bad DBA, at least from the standpoint of blogging. Only because I haven’t done much of a lately. I did make sure to get a post in for TSQL2sDay to mention who I was thankful for. That was a great topic. So…if you’re wondering why I haven’t blogged, or have checked to see how I like the new job…here is that post.


At the end of September, I was presented with an opportunity to take a DBA position in Duluth, MN. Given that my wife and I already had a house in the area, we decided it was great opportunity for her and I to get out of the city. So I tendered my resignation to the hospital in Denver, and started my new gig in Duluth October 23rd. Just moving out to the country has been quite the welcomed change for me.

New Gig

The new job has me working in Downtown Duluth, on the hill. Which is awesome, unless you have to hike up the hill to your parked car. In fact, that’s my one complaint about the new job, is parking in Duluth is atrocious but that is neither here nor there.

I have been busy learning a new environment, understanding the business processes, and wrapping my mind around the differences between being a production DBA in a hospital and more of a development DBA here. There are some fundamental differences  that I am finding out that require me to think and approach the job differently. Which is a good thing, I am getting to learn new things. As well as discover some new things.

I was tasked with getting some large databases to work in a container. Which, having only read about and vaguely paying with containers was an awesome change. It took a few days, but I got it done. Learned quite a bit about containers, as well as starting to learn how to approach containers from a DBA standpoint. For instance, restoring large databases in containers is not your friend. At least, not yet.

I would also like to thank Andrew Pruski (b/t) for his awesome articles on SQL and containers. His posts definitely helped me to get SQL going on both Windows and Linux containers.

Other than containers

I have also spent a bit of time getting familiar (and getting my ass kicked) with SSIS. Talk about a shift in responsibilities. Prior to coming here, I never had to do anything with SSIS. It’s both fun and extremely frustrating to work with SSIS. Thank god I dusted off my Pluralsight and Safari subs.

Anyway, I will be better about posting after the first of the year. Right now, I’m still working on getting the house here for the move which has been consuming my time. Then I fly back to Denver to help the wife to get everything ready for the movers, as well as help her drive up. And there’s the holidays. So ya, it’s been a bit busy.

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