It’s hard to believe this is my last week in Denver. Come Monday I am moving to northern Wisconsin. I’m jumping in the truck alone to head for the Great Lake region with my wife following in December. Which, for me at the moment, maybe the hardest part of this move. But that’s neither here nor there for this blog. What is important, is that I am leaving an organization that I have enjoyed working for even when I have disagreed with some of their decisions. I guess that’s part of being employed though, you work for an organization but you don’t always agree with their every decision. Similar to being married or being a parent I suppose, or maybe it’s just closer to being human.

I’m going to miss my co-workers and the comfortable atmosphere they provided. It’s been a lot of fun to work at this hospital and with the staff. There’s a little bit of emotion in it. I’m going to miss my team, I thought we worked extremely well together. The jokes, conversations, and discussions have been throughly appreciated. I must admit, I am struggling to let go a bit. I’ve been involved in some of these projects for three years and I’m vested in the outcome.

This last week, I feel more like a consultant in the sense I am just answering questions and doing write ups. I’ve also been giving some thought to the new position and some of the things I can help with immediately. But that’s based off my limited understanding of the architecture and environment, so hard to really walk in and contribute day one.

Next week, I head up to Wisconsin and start getting personal things in order. Maybe I’ll have time to get some personal project work in too. Next week starts a new adventure.


Interesting title on a blog dedicated to technical ideas like SQL Server huh? Well there’s a reason for this, which I’ll divulge shortly. After I moved back to Colorado from Oklahoma in 2014, I took a full time position as a SQL DBA for an area hospital. I’ve had the pleasure of working with 2 other DBAs that are just awesome. I have learned a great deal about SQL, been given room to grow and explore, and had some fun doing it. I’ve even made a few friends, and overall had a great time working there but change has come to our lives.

However living in Colorado isn’t cheap. In the Denver area, the average cost of house is $450k in a cookie cutter neighborhood. And sadly, it isn’t getting any cheaper. I mean you can go out east of the city to find cheaper houses, but then you lose broadband. As a career IT person, and an often on-call DBA, I need broadband. So for the past year it has been a source of stress for my wife and I. When we sold our house in Oklahoma to move back, we actually lost money on the house. Oklahoma struggles to recover from the recession and at the time, the price of oil had tanked….so ya, bad time to sell. So no nice down payment for us.

Things Change

Like all things in life, things change. After my son left home for the military, my wife and I started considering what we wanted in a new house. Which was in the country, with good internet options, and a cheaper cost of living. As fate would have it, my wife inherited her grandparents place a few years back in the Northwoods of Wisconsin. It’s south of Lake Superior by 30 miles, so it’s up there. Well ironically, it’s exactly what we wanted in Colorado. Except with less people in Colorado. Before you ask, yes the internet option is that good. We have fiber into the house.

What does this have to do with anything? While on a vacation trip to the house in Wisconsin, we came to the realization that my wife’s family needs help. Well….I was offered a position in Duluth, MN as a DBA. Not only as a DBA, but as a DBA with the opportunity to work in development areas. So while the commute is about an hour from our house, it’s an awesome opportunity for me professionally. As well a killer opportunity for my wife and I personally, and it allows us to help family. I am so tired of traffic, overhead planes, traffic noises, over crowding, and all the other assorted stuff that comes with living in a major city. I am not only excited about a new position, but I am excited about moving back to the country. While it may not be the mountains of Colorado where I grew up, the Northwoods are an awesome second choice. I won’t lie though, while I’m excited for the new adventure, I am sad to be leaving my home state again. I have friends and family here that I’ll miss too.

Where does the Universe enter into this?

While I was considering this position and the situation surrounding the move, I kept coming back to Patrick LeBlanc’s recent presentation at SQLSaturday Denver. While he was talking about branding yourself, he made a point to remind us that family was what was most important. I enjoy working with my friends at the hospital, but I personally struggle with living in the city. It’s not often that your career goals line up with your personal ones, and when those opportunities arise you have to take them. Plus, there are the family aspects that need to be addressed in Wisconsin.

So with all of that being said, I am absolutely thrilled to announce that as of Oct 23, I will be a DBA for ARI Networks in Duluth, MN as well as new resident of the State of Wisconsin. It even helps that I am a Packers fan before moving here. On the same note, I’m sad to say Oct 13th will be my last day working in Denver.